10 Woodworking Products to Make and sell Vol.1

1.You can make your own under-bed storage.

Is there any storage option as cherishing and magical as an under-the-bed storage drawer? We doubt there is any! With this storage drawer, you can store your craft supplies, gift-wrapping materials, or anything else and then ‘whoosh!’ it will disappear like magic. You’ll have a feeling of being out of the clutter zone if you keep your items hidden away. This under-the-bed storage box is made of plywood scraps. Tutorial @charlestoncrafted

under bed project storage box

2.Wood storage cubbies can be built.

This woodworking project is making us drool over all the wood storage cubbies with metal accents! You can easily make and sell these wonderful mid-century and ultra-modern vibes using this decorative woodworking plan. The cubbies are based on brass, copper, and stainless steel rods. Tutorial @danslelakehouse

wall storage diy

3.Wooden tealight holders.

Do teapot candle holders like these catch your fancy? We strongly feel that candles should be classified as an antidepressant therapy! These simple DIY teapot candle holders are sure to impress! The materials you see here are wood glue and wooden curtain rings! Tutorial @thecraftygentleman

tea light holders

4.Wooden spice rack hold all your favorite flavors in it.

Kitchen cabinet clutter is standing between you and the superb culinary masterpieces you can create. We can help you eliminate the barriers with this delicate woodworking project! Check out this delicate test tube spice rack hanging from a walnut frame! With test tubes, cork stoppers, and more, this woodworking endeavor will take some time. You’ll need a hardwood such as walnut to accomplish it! Tutorial @ Thehandymans

Wooden spice rack

5. Wooden Lego Bin to be Sold

You will totally love this one, and it will most certainly be your best seller! Every household has a Lego tsunami going on. This Lego basket features two perfect handles for carrying it around, as well as a storage base plate! Beat that. It comes with a storage base plate! Tutorial @Thehandymans

Wooden Lego Bin

6. It’s easy to build outdoor wood steps from scraps.

These wooden stairs are a great woodworking project using pressure-treated lumber. You’ll need about two of -2x8x8, two of 2x6x12, two of 2x6x8, and one of 2x4x8. You can have a blast down the woodworking plan lane with this one! Table saw and other fundamental craft supplies are required. Tutorial @themerrythought

It's easy to build outdoor wood steps from scraps

7. Wooden shoe storage shelf.

Are you sick and tired of a messy area? Here’s one of the woodworking projects for you! This one will not only help you get productively busy, but you can also display and use your shoe collection as a decorative element! You will need some 2″x2″ and 2″x12″x8′ pieces of wood, wood glue, a miter saw, and other items to make this. You can get the free woodworking plan here. Tutorial @heywanderer

Wooden shoe storage shelf

8. A teacup is the perfect size for a bird feeder, and they’re super cute to look at.

This DIY bird feeder adds to your decor and appears really cozy to us! Would you like to further enhance your creative outdoor spirit by making a pallet board, custom coloured as you desire, some vintage teacups and their china dishes, some hooks, and durable thread to feed our feathered mates? Tutorial @daintydressdiaries

 A teacup is the perfect size for a bird feeder, and they're super cute to look at

9. Wooden egg holders can be made in eight simple steps.

Having gathered a huge amount of eggs from your flock recently, you may either start gifting them or sell the fresh, organic eggs in these durable and eye-catching wood egg holders. You can also make these simple woodworking projects and send them as great holiday gifts during the holiday season. You may also use them for Easter. Leaving the wood natural and unfinished will result in a more subtle appearance! Tutorial @cami tidbits

Wooden egg holders

10. Plant markers made from natural wood

Plant markers are a comforting and easy-to-make household item that you can create! You’ll be able to bond with your family while making these simple plant markers. You’ll need some paint stir sticks, popsicle sticks, metal hooks, painted white sticks, and flattened spoons with carved lettering for this project. Tutorial @tidbits cami

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Start making items and selling today!

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