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DIY Woodworking Home Decor: Project Ideas for Your Space

Woodworking offers a unique way to customize your home with both functional and decorative pieces. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced woodworker, these projects can enhance any room’s style.

Table of Contents

  1. Entryway Décor
  2. Wall Décor
  3. Kitchen Décor
  4. Bathroom Décor
  5. Bedroom Décor
  6. Office and Study Décor
  7. Conclusion

Entryway Décor

Welcome guests with these woodworking entryway project ideas:

Rustic Wooden Signs

  • Create house number signs from salvaged wood planks.
  • Woodburn or rout names or phrases into wood boards for welcome signs.
  • Use thin wood strips to make geometric patterns on signs.

Decorative Wall Hooks

  • Cut hardwood into rounds for coats and hats wall hooks.
  • Carve wood blanks into shapes for decorative holders.
  • Enhance plain wood hooks with thin wood veneers.

Display Shelves

  • Build a wall-mounted shelf for shoes.
  • Attach an oversized wood picture ledge for displaying items.
  • Make cubby shelves for storing small items.

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brown wooden table with chairs

Wall Décor

Showcase your woodworking skills with unique wall art:

Wooden Photo Ledges

  • Build L-shaped ledges for displaying framed photos.
  • Attach multiple small wood shelves for photo groupings.

Abstract Wood Wall Panels

  • Arrange wood discs or squares on plywood backings for textured walls.
  • Glue various wood remnants for abstract collages.
  • Cut wooden tiles into geometric shapes for tessellated walls.

Wooden Silhouette Décor

  • Cut animal and bird shapes for silhouette art.
  • Mill outer bark edges for cross-section tree slice art.
  • Laser cut outlines of city skylines or trees from plywood.

For more on wall decor, see Woodworking Basics.

Kitchen Décor

Enhance your kitchen with these woodworking projects:

Cutting and Serving Boards

  • Laminate contrasting woods for endgrain cutting boards.
  • Craft charcuterie boards with decorative edges.
  • Make live edge serving trays from slab wood pieces.

Unique Wood Islands

  • Build rolling wood islands with added storage.
  • Customize kitchen carts with different tops.
  • Craft open shelving using black pipe and stained boards.

Signs and Décor

  • Make rustic signs with woodburned or routed lettering.
  • Craft slim live edge boards with engraved quotes.
  • Turn wood platters into decorative wall art.

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rectangular brown framed mirror

Bathroom Décor

Elevate your bathroom with these wood touches:

Decorative Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets

  • Frame mirrors with wood trim.
  • Build recessed medicine cabinets with cedar lining.
  • Enhance basic cabinets with decorative trim.

Floating Bath Shelves

  • Make wooden trays for shower ledges.
  • Install floating shelves for toiletries.
  • Craft live edge wood shelves for TP holders.

Rustic Wooden Soap Dishes and Boxes

  • Drill blocks of wood for soap dishes.
  • Assemble wooden crates for toiletries storage.
  • Hollow out logs for rustic toiletries boxes.

For bathroom projects, see Essential Safety Measures in Woodworking.

Bedroom Décor

Enhance your bedroom with these wood accents:

Upholstered Headboards

  • Build plywood headboards and upholster them.
  • Use 1×2 boards for patterned slat headboards.

Nightstands and Benches

  • Craft matching nightstands with adjustable shelving.
  • Make upholstered benches with storage.

Display Shelves and Picture Ledges

  • Create floating corner shelves.
  • Attach oversized wood picture ledges.

Rustic Log End Tables

  • Slice logs for natural round end tables.
  • Hollow out logs for see-through end tables.

Wooden Blanket Boxes and Trunks

  • Build hinged top blanket chests.
  • Construct storage trunks with caster wheels.

For bedroom projects, see Beginners Guide to Wood Carving.

Office and Study Décor

Customize your workspace with these wood pieces:

Desks and Workstations

  • Assemble desktops with pipe or hairpin legs.
  • Attach desktops to filing cabinets or crates.

Organization and Storage

  • Make modular cubbies for organization.
  • Construct wooden boxes for open storage.
  • Craft organizer trays with adjustable dividers.

Bulletin and Whiteboards

  • Frame whiteboard panels with wood trim.
  • Cover walls with beadboard or shiplap for rustic memo areas.

For office projects, see 10 Woodworking Tools That Beginners Need.


Woodworking offers endless possibilities for enhancing home decor. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these projects can be tailored to your skill level. By starting with smaller projects and gradually taking on more complex ones, you can transform your living spaces with custom wood pieces that reflect your personal style and craftsmanship. Happy woodworking!

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